When developing a job description, do you just copy and paste from 1 template to another, or can you take time to market the job you are searching to fill? Retaining top talent is a growing challenge, and organizations are looking at new ways to build buzz and attract applicants. More creative, conversational, and unconventional project descriptions yield better quality candidates and higher success in filling open requisitions. So when it comes to the traditional job description, what’s changing?

Transparency comes in many diverse forms. For starters, businesses are becoming more open about list the wages directly on the job advertisement. Doing so produces a balance between employers and candidates, alleviating stress concerning the dreaded salary conversation. While employers may lose out on a discussion advantage using this method, they also avoid wasting a candidate’s time who may be applying for work that’s below their salary amount.

Companies are getting more clear and transparent in the way they write about the realities of their day job. For instance, they might include how big budgets they will be working with, who they’ll be reporting to, and the types of jobs they will be operating on.

Job descriptions as a marketing piece

The classic job description is no longer enough. Rather, companies need to step up their advertising game and consider their job descriptions as a bit of marketing content. It should be branded, catchy, and captivating enough to make someone want to jump ship from one company to another.

For example, Monster has discovered a new way to interact with gift by producing a program that permits people to incorporate videos straight in their job descriptions! Skill Scout can also be helping businesses tell their story by using their platform that enables organizations to make DIY videos to be used on job descriptions. All these companies are tapping into human character, as job descriptions with a video advertising are viewed 46 percent more than written ones, and job places get 36 percent more software when accompanied by a video.

What can be considered:

  • Contain a 30 second video from the hiring manger about why you might want to work in this job
  • Share tales of past employees in comparable roles and their livelihood growth
  • Include LinkedIn/social profiles of this team
  • Embed videos or photos of the workplace
  • Contain infographics and other visual mediums to convey the opportunity
  • Create job descriptions text more dynamic by adding hyperlinks to more articles (media, awards, employee blogs, multimedia, business social links, etc.. )

Concentrate on what you provide versus what you need

We clearly see that “The marketplace has shifted. Organizations are treating jobs like sales and marketing pieces”. When writing out job descriptions, we motivate the clients to change their attention from”here’s what I need” to”here is what’s in it for you.” If you start working with this in mind, it changes the tone and arrangement of this description. When writing your advertisement, make sure that the”what is in it for them” is longer than the list of prerequisites. Ensure that your listing of requirements is reasonable and meaningful, rather than the standard laundry list that most companies default on.

It is also getting more relevant to emphasize and clearly identify your company culture, offer a solid Equal Employment Opportunity announcement, and discuss information about your worth. Important factor is also to state flexibility, and work from home Company’s policy.

Cut the generic stuff out, be critical, and ask yourself what is really necessary

When set out your needs, put everything down on paper, and shave it down to the most impactful competencies and adventures. Try to challenge the typical description and “cut the generic materials out, be crucial, and ask yourself what’s really vital.”

Take into account your top 4-5 list of competencies, your top 4-5 required expectations, and commit to those. As you may be tempted to add lines like”detail-oriented”or”ability to adapt to change,” believe generic points like that do not really differentiate candidates, or deliver any real impact for your message.

The ordinary job descriptions will not cut it in today’s market, and companies will need to think more inexpensively concerning the way they interact and participate with their talent pipeline. Let them know what is really in store for them and do not be afraid to let your true colors shine through!

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