Several years back, when I was a salesman, one of my highest ambitions was to become a Sales Manager. I figured that I’d love the job. You have heard the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” This wasn’t one of those occasions. I adored being a Sales Manager and afterwards Sales Director. I loved directing a group of salespeople, creating them watching them develop, and seeing the results come up. I love it — it is only that I expect to appreciate it today with many companies at once, instead of one at one time.

It has been over twelve years since I have led the first time a sales force, and also the most fantastic element of those twelve years is how far the job of Sales Manager has transformed. A few of those changes are because of technology; some are due to changes in people, some are just because of changing times. What’s disturbing to me is how many Sales Managers are not evolving with the needs of the job.

Today’s Sales Manager has different requirements than even twelve years ago. Let us talk about the core competencies that will make a Revenue Officer successful in today’s world. These are presented in no specific order. That remains the prime skill group of Sales Management.

Sales Team Training and Development

The ability to continue to train and develop salespeople – both initially and on a continuing basis-is the heart of Sales Management. If you’re a Sales Manager, your occupation on any particular day is to ask yourself, “How do I help my salespeople or perhaps one salesperson — to be more and better proficient after this day than they’re at the start?” And then, by the close of the afternoon, have an answer to this query.

Knowing of Process.

Today’s Revenue Manager does matters on gut sense; now’s a need to understand the value and implementation of processes and road maps. Whether we’re discussing hiring procedures, sales processes, or coaching processes, the best sales managers understand that proper processes (always tasteful ) are key to raising productivity in each phase of their sales force’s growth.

Talent Acquisition.

Notice that I said”Talent Acquisition” rather than”Hiring.” There’s a difference. Now’s sales manager is always working on updating his or her sales force by finding and acquiring new talent and ability sets. Although sales supervisors will execute hiring processes when needed, they’ll always have their eyes and ears open.

Understand the Science of Hiring.

This goes along with talent acquisition, as I mentioned above. This is a rather new development. Fifteen years ago, our primary hiring was on our gut and instincts — and we had been wrong more than half of the time. In today’s world, we’ve scientifically valid psychometric assessments that can bring our hiring precision to 80 percent and above. If the manager knows how to utilize them. Too many supervisors do not; many are unwilling even to try. If that’s you, you are behind the times. Beneficial would be using specialistic recruitment agencies that verify the core competencies & skills of sales candidates.

Data-Driven decisions

I do not indicate that the Sales Manager can program CRM, but the Sales Manager understands how to use CRM and take into account data that are there as a tool for getting the most from his or her sales force. That Revenue Manager also knows how to deal with data entry into CRM and also makes sure that the CRM process is working well. Sales Manager can effectively co-operate with the BI department and using their insights into the business. Great BI tools are Tableau owned now by Salesforce – most innovative CRM company and MS Power BI by Microsoft.

Social Media Savvy.

Like it or not, social media is part and parcel of selling and managing salespeople. It’s a conduit for learning about the competition, about the industry and disseminating your message to your clients. Among the greatest sales managers, I understand he spends the first 20 minutes of every day on social networking on the topics I mentioned above. Some days he learns things that turn into sales, and some he doesn’t — but those where he can pay for the ones that don’t.


A few months ago, we did a recruitment project for one of the IT companies in Poland. It’s Sales Director did not have a Linkedin profile :-(. Put yourself into the shoes of the candidates. It was one of the toughest projects to convince good BDM candidates to go to for an interview with an ” unknown” person.

Here is the frightening part for a few. What I’m talking about here will be the core competencies of a sales supervisor TODAY, and as far into the future as I can see. There could be some Earth-shattering development tomorrow that may change everything, and as a sales manager, you definitely should have the ability to change with the times.


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