If the collapse of the speculative online bubble, or dot-com bubble, taught us anything, it’s that an intense desire for rapid growth could lead to poor judgement, poor decision-making, and hence weak companies. After these events, lately, a large number of internet businesses have been growing like mad…And the final result? Billions of dollars wiped out. Profitable companies like Cisco and Amazon lost 80%+ of the market value.

And most importantly, most of us discovered that single growth al means not so much. The hirer you come, the harder you fall. Sales and profits are what is essential, but not growth. Th was typical common knowledge from around 2001 until 2010. But then Facebook appeared

Around 2010, not so many people saw the profit way for Facebook.

The reason companies like DropBox, Google, Instagram and Uber have been heavily recruiting growth supervisors and expansion hackers. We believe in this strategy so because, in a world where the competition for expansion is increasingly competitive, you need a committed growth manager. Might even cause your company to shrink and ultimately neglect instead of ending up on top, where you ideally want to be.

So, here are six reasons to begin searching for your marketing growth manager that can level up your growth strategy sooner rather than later.  

1. To set growth objectives

Growth is not necessarily the main objective of your existing departments. Marketing, R&D and Sales should have their priorities and making your business bigger is not one of these. That is the reason. You want one individual responsible for expansion goals. This person will decide how much you need to grow and how you are going to do it. He/she will even hold your other employees accountable, ensuring your business gets to where it should be. With growth becoming a necessity, and not a luxury, you want someone to oversee the growth, and that person is your growth manager. However, this isn’t (strictly speaking) the main reason to employ one, since it is superseded by the subsequent. 

2. Data collection and interpretation

Growth hacking and growth marketing are mostly driven by data taken from real-life results. It follows that a growth manager’s primary purpose is to create an effective method to collect and interpret data. This is the foundation of your business’s growth. And one of the most critical ingredients of continuing expansion. Correctly, a growth marketer should use such tools as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, SemRush to find out more about people do on your site (and in your program ). Research present best practices which may benefit your organisation. Interact with clients and assess their experiences with your small business. Once all that is done, it’s time.

3. Data usage

When Growth Manager collects the data, it can (and should) be used to provide customer insights. In particular, the data should be used to make better more fittable customer profiles, identify customers’ needs, wants and habits, think over new ways to increase sales and minimise costs and yields. As soon as you start collecting data, turning it into valuable insights like these becomes a fulltime job – that is what you will need a development marketer for.  

4. Marketing, Sales, R&D coordination

There’s no”I” in growth, and this is important, because consistently growing your business requires your entire organisation to operate in unison. Particularly, the sales division must work to find new ways to transfer more goods while decreasing yields. Marketing has to enhance advertising ROI and find new ways to get clients (while reducing churn). R&D has to create products consistently, the product uses and packaging options that are appealing to buyers. And who is going to coordinate all of the employees in these departments?   

5. To come up with new ideas/experiments. 

Whenever you have all of the info that you require, and your sections are working together, you want to test new things. That is how you’ll discover new approaches to advertise, expand and build your brand new. All nicely, But what do you work with inventing fresh ideas and experiments? Your expansion manager, naturally! He/she is in Addition to a Great question! We’ll answer it with the sixth, and last, a reason to hire a growth manager.

6. To automate, scale and systematise

As you are probably intimidated by now, growth is time and labour-intensive. As a result of this, growth supervisors would be the way-to-go to discover ways to automate jobs, even the ones that can’t be automatic on first sight. In reality, the growth of expansion hacking has directly resulted in the development and development of services like Zapier and IFTTT, which let you make chains of tasks across numerous applications, including Gmail and GetResponse, as such decrease jobs that might take hours to click of a button. This is the sixth reason you require a growth manager. That is also the main reason why one individual can realistically accomplish that which we’ve discussed in this report.

 After all, getting the wrong person in Your organisation is an expensive mistake. And when you’ve not ever had a growth/marketing growth manager earlier, you might (and should be) concerned about making the best option. This is why many people turn to expansion groups such as ours, rather than employing one growth manager. Aside from being a sensible solution for many businesses, it’s a chance to construct a natural growth strategy & culture in your business before committing to some new workers. So in case, you wish to find out more about earning an outside hiring specialist, why don’t you talk to us? All you need to do is reach out, and we’ll get in contact with you!

Fast Forward Solutions specializes in recruitment services in the area of International Sales & Digital Marketing, mainly for Clients from the Tech Sector. Our rigorous and proven methodology combines role profiling, executive search, and assessment of candidates, complemented by consultancy services.

We provide guaranteed results and quickly reach top talents available on the market, thanks to which every organization co-operating with us will be able to increase sales, reduce operating costs and improve human resource efficiency, company valuation, and investors’ confidence. Tom Bożyczko is an experienced sales leader, executive recruiter president, and founder of FFS.